Office Security Tips

SecurityBe sure that your company has a clear set of procedures for dealing with office intruders.  By acting quickly, you can keep a bad situation from becoming worse.

Early morning hours and early evening hours are the most commonly used times for entry by intruders.  Be sure your space is secure when staffing is low.

Do not leave your valuables unattended.  Secure all valuables (purses, wallets, backpacks, etc.) in a locked drawer or cabinet when leaving your work space, or out of sight in the trunk when leaving your vehicle.  Carry only what you need.  Leave occasionally used credit cards, etc., in a secure place at home.

Record serial numbers of all valuable office items and equipment.  If anything is stolen or missing, a record of serial numbers will aid in the recovery of the items.

Doors should be locked when your area is unoccupied.  If your suite has more than one entrance, only one door should be used by everyone to enter and exit with the other access doors locked at all times.  This will eliminate doors being propped open or intruders entering undetected.

Guests and clients should not be allowed past the reception area without an escort or notice to coworkers by phone or intercom.

If you encounter an unfamiliar and/or unescorted person in the office area, ask, "May I help you?" and accompany the person to his/her destination.  An intruder will give you a quick answer and try to walk away.

Do not try to restrain an intruder.  Write down a description of the suspect, last known direction of travel and follow your office procedures.  Notify Security immediately by calling 206-224-1203.

If a theft occurs, report it to the police at 206-625-5011 immediately and then to Security.

Notify Security at 206-224-1203 if you see loiterers, peddlers or canvassers on the premises.

Call 206-625-5011 for any incident which you believe should be reported to the Police Department but does not require an officer to respond to the scene.

Call 911 for all medical, fire and police emergencies any time you believe police, fire or medical personnel should be sent to the scene.  Contact Security at 206-224-1203 so emergency personnel can be directed to the correct elevator and suite.