Security Practices

SecurityCard Keys
Card keys are issued from our Property Management office. For security purposes, please let us know as soon as possible when a card key is lost, stolen or requires deactivation by calling 206-224-1201.

Authorized persons will be able to enter the building after normal business hours with their access cards. Do not allow anyone to follow you into the building. If you encounter someone having problems gaining entrance into the building, do not let them in. They should contact their company representative or Security at 206-224-1203 for assistance.

Card key access to 1201Third between 6:00pm Friday and 4:00am Monday is only through the main building entrance on Third Avenue. All other perimeter doors are locked.

Elevator access hours are determined by the tenant of a single-tenant floor or by consensus of all tenants on multi-tenant floors. Whenever possible, please limit the hours of unlocked elevators to the shortest possible timeframe.

Property Management must be notified in advance if you are expecting an after-hours delivery or service. Delivery or service personnel who arrive after-hours without prior notice will not be granted access to the building.

Deliveries can not be accepted by Property Management staff, Security staff or other vendors. Every effort will be made to contact the proper person for delivery before turning away packages.

Office Access
Employees or visitors who request entry into a locked tenant suite will be carefully screened by Security and escorted to the suite after providing sufficient identification or receiving authorization from a Tenant representative or the Property Management office. Each incident is documented by Security.

To maintain building security, it is important that doors remain locked when employees are working in the evening and on weekends, including when they temporarily leave the suite to go to the restroom or run an errand. This reduces the chance that those working off-hours will leave without re-locking the door.

Emergency Telephones
There are emergency telephones throughout the building, including the garage, stairwells, elevators, and at the front door. All automatically connect to the Security Office. The Security Office is located at the loading dock and is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Security Escort
A security guard will accompany anyone requesting an escort to his/her car in the parking garage and will wait until the car has been started.

Suspicious Activity
If you encounter a suspicious person or observe suspicious activity, contact Security immediately at 206-224-1203. An officer will be sent to investigate.

Report all thefts to Security immediately after discovering an item missing. Be sure to report missing items with a high value to the Seattle Police Department non-emergency number at 206-625-5011.

Workplace Violence
Contact Property Management to discuss any potential incident of workplace violence or harassment. Call 911 and then notify Security directly at 206-224-1203 in the event of a dangerous situation. Always move away from an aggressor if possible, and remain calm and non-threatening. Never try to overpower the person or make sudden moves, especially if a weapon is involved.