Make sure Tenant employees know what to do if a fire breaks out on your floor. Everyone should know where the fire extinguishers are located on the floor.

Procedures to follow if there is a fire:

On the Fire Floor:

Although the building systems will detect a fire and activate the alarm, if you discover a fire, first call 911, then Security at 206-224-1203. If the fire is small enough and you have been trained, extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher.

Trained Floor Wardens will provide direction in the event of a fire or emergency and oversee the safe evacuation of personnel into stairwells.

Special assistants immediately contact and help their assigned disabled person.

Floor Wardens will check offices, restrooms and conference rooms after evacuation to ensure no one is left behind. All doors should be closed but not locked.

When all emergency assigned duties have been completed, Floor Wardens will proceed down four (4) floors or as directed by the Seattle Fire Department or Property Management.

Floor Wardens will provide necessary assistance during the evacuation. If needed, the intercom in the stairwell can be used and Property Management or Seattle Fire Department personnel will assist you.

On the Receiving Floor and “Safe Refuge Area”:

During a partial building evacuation, the "Safe Refuge Area" is in the building elevator lobby on the receiving floor, located four (4) floors down from the fire floor.

Evacuated personnel should wait in the “Safe Refuge Area” on the receiving floor until an announcement is made to return to your floor.

Follow your company's procedure for roll call, etc. before returning to your floor.

All Tenants should familiarize themselves with guidelines recommended by the Seattle Fire Department.

Property Management will:

Investigate the alarm location prior to arrival of the Seattle Fire Department.

Escort the Seattle Fire Department to the alarm location and assist in the investigation.

In the event of an actual fire, the Seattle Fire Department will assume control of the incident and direct Tenants and Property Management accordingly.

Reset the fire alarm system and make a building-wide announcement after the "All Clear" has been given by the Seattle Fire Department.