Power Outage

Both Property Management and Tenants have roles and responsibilities during a power outage.

Procedures to follow in a power outage:

Remain calm and in place. If possible, call Security at 206-224-1203 and tell them the specific problem, i.e. loss of outlet power, no lights, etc.

If you experience a total power failure, turn on a battery-operated radio to find out what is happening in your area. Listen for an announcement from Property Management.

In the event the building sustains a power failure, emergency lighting is available in the stairwells and common area hallways.

Unplug all electrical equipment and turn off light switches. When power returns it may surge and damage equipment that was left on prior to the outage.

If evacuation is necessary, evacuate to your designated area as described in the Building Evacuation procedures (four (4) floors down).

If it is necessary to close the building, watch your local news or contact Property Management at 206-224-1201 to find out when the building will re-open again.

Property Management will:

Make a building-wide announcement to provide further instructions.

Assist the Seattle Fire and Police Departments in their emergency response.

Evacuate and close the building until power is restored, if it is known the power outage will continue for an extended period of time.