Suspicious or Hazardous Substance

Know how to respond to encounters with a potential dangerous substance.

Procedures for dealing with a suspicious or hazardous substance:

Remain calm and in place.

Call 911, followed by Security at 206-224-1203. It is important that the phone call come from the affected floor so the Seattle Fire and Police Departments will know exactly which floor the call came from.

A point person on the floor should be identified to speak with the Seattle Fire and Police personnel. They will want to talk with that person on the phone before going to the floor.

If possible, isolate the substance by closing a door, or if in an open area, putting an empty trash can or other container over it.

Anyone in contact with the substance should wash their hands with soap.

Those in contact with, or in the immediate area of the substance, should isolate themselves from everyone else on the floor to prevent cross-contamination.

Make a list of every person in or near the location of the substance.

Do not allow anyone to exit or enter the floor via the elevators or stairwells. It is important to know who may have been exposed, to not have others exposed, and to be sure that if anyone needs treatment they are readily identifiable.

Visit the Washington State Department of Health website for more information.

Property Management will:

Isolate the floor by shutting down the elevators and/or the card access system.

Shut off the HVAC to the floor so that air movement does not disturb the substance.

Coordinate and assist the Seattle Fire and Police Departments until given the "All Clear."