Suspicious Package

Follow these instructions if you receive a suspicious package or see an unattended parcel in an unlikely location.

Procedures to follow if you come in contact with a suspicious package:

Remain calm and in place.

Call 911, followed by Security at 206-224-1203.

Become familiar with the warning signs of a suspicious package (i.e., lopsided or uneven, strange odor, oily stains, discolorations, excessive tape, badly typed address, excessive postage, etc.).  All employees, particularly those who handle mail frequently, should be trained on the following suspicious package procedures.

  1. Do not open the article.
  2. Isolate the package and the people who may have been exposed and secure the immediate area.
  3. Cover the article with a trash can or place in a plastic bag.
  4. Do not place the package in water or a confined space such as a drawer or filing cabinet.
  5. Wait for further instructions from Property Management and Seattle Fire and Police Departments.


Property Management will:

Isolate the floor by shutting down the elevator.

Shut off the HVAC to the floor to minimize air movement.

Escort the Seattle Fire and Police Departments to the floor with the suspicious package.

Support the Seattle Fire and Police Departments while they investigate the package.